My ears perk up with such thirst when you’re dropping knowledge in our sessions. Nothing has ever made more sense.

- Lynsie Jones

Reiki was a new experience for me but I am very happy that Becca was the guide and healer to share it with me. Becca is a focused, compassionate, and experienced healer.
Preparing emotionally and spiritually for cancer surgery was as important to me as preparing physically-it felt urgent because I wanted my mind, spirit, and body aligned, focused on positive outcomes, and ready to begin healing.

I intuitively felt that having healing energy resonate within me before and as I underwent surgery could help support and guide me through the procedure and beyond. Becca understood what I hoped to accomplish, explained her process and discussed how she would pursue those goals. As our first session began I felt very safe in her warm, clean, and comfortable studio. After the session I felt very grounded but light; I had an intention for my pre-surgery meditations and knew my mind, body, and spirit were aligned. I was ready for change and focused on healing and recovery.

As my healing continues I look forward to my next sessions with Becca - her understanding of how our physical bodies intersect with and support our emotional and spiritual selves goes beyond what I expected. Her practice is based in ancient healing traditions which she makes relevant in today’s often-chaotic world, with the unique solutions she creates for those who work with her.

- Debra L.

I have been into healing arts for many years having grown up “hippie.” I’ve even had Reiki with experienced practitioners. Yet what I have experienced when in Becca’s space and touch has been so much more than Reiki. There aren’t many words to adequately explain what happens other than deep alignment. So much so that everything she shares seems like a truth I wasn’t capable of putting into words. There’s much more to the treatment than is common place for the healing arts, but I walk away feeling more of what feels like healing and connection, a certain contentment. Like having a view into deep knowing of body, mind and soul. For anyone seeking to expand their capacity to evolve and heal I believe that Becca’s ability to assist and accompany you is far more than a Reiki session. Thank you Becca, I am grateful for you on this planet this lifetime.

It’s been a pleasure working with Becca! I didn’t know much about Reiki before the sessions. With our time, my perspectives about myself and situations in my life developed to be healthier and happier. I was really comfortable talking with Becca. We worked remotely and by the second session, with Becca’s kind reminders of what I needed to do, we were well on our way. I feel more clearly focused now about what I want to do in my life, and I have a sense of flow, which had been missing after experiencing profound grief. Because of my work with Becca, I feel much better equipped to manage on my own.

- Educator, parent, daughter, dog-lover, in my 50s

Every experience I’ve had with Becca has been unique, personal, and vibrant. Becca takes the time to discuss my session with me both before and after the actual energy healing process. With her help I have made a deeper connection to my spirit guides, ancestors, and Universal energy. She is an amazing ascension coach and I cannot thank her enough.


I wasn’t familiar with Reiki at all when I initially came to Becca at the recommendation of a friend. A life-altering epiphany had triggered the reexamination of virtually all of my existing patterns and paradigms, and also created some intense ups and downs which I recognized as a sign of long-wanted change, yet had become increasingly challenging to navigate. Becca’s innate talents and informed skills helped me understand more, allow more and grow in to this new, expanded space of my Self. I’ve seen several therapists in my day. None of them ever knew how (or bothered?) to really dig into the depths. Becca went there, and ironically, in the most natural and nourishing way. I attribute this to her genuine connectedness to spirit and devotion to her practice as a healer, as opposed to Western textbook formulas. Mindfulness is all the rage, which is a beautiful thing – but there are a lot of Eastern textbook yogi wannabe’s and “practitioners” out there too. Becca is an authentic healer with whom you will experience the difference.