Five Element Reiki

Five Element Reiki™ is a healing modality developed by Sara Burns, MSW, a Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher since 1997. Sara describes Five Element Reiki™ on her Center for Sacred Transformations website as unique in that it emphasizes and honors Reiki’s true origins, deriving from the Taoist Shamanic and Buddhist traditions. Both of these traditions recognize the importance of balancing the five elements within our being, as well as in nature. When the elements are in balance, it is believed we experience good health and harmony.

Shamans traditionally perceive the five elements as five living spirits which influence our health, emotions, and our ability to have successful relationships and financial strength. While more and more healing modalities are attempting to strip away spirit to fit into the western medical model, Five Element Reiki™ practitioners uphold and honor the ancient ways by connecting, conversing with, and healing these five spirits using shamanic techniques and Reiki healing energy. Five Element Reiki™ is a powerful modality that truly encompasses a body-mind-spirit approach towards healing.  I recommend a visit to Sara’s website for much more about this healing approach.

Five Element Reiki Sessions

Two Hour Session (In Person)
Prior to our meeting, I ask for guidance and information to allow the highest healing possible for our session. Then we spend the first half hour of our two hour energy healing session briefly talking about your experience, weaving that with my intuitive input to provide the most supportive healing experience possible.  

During the hour-long energy work I follow the guides  who present and my own inner knowing or intuition to allow higher dimensional and soul-level healing to occur. Every session is somewhat different, but all involve some aspect of Five Element Reiki. I will often be shown something of a narrative explaining the root causes of  energy blocks, along with easy-to-incorporate health practices and meditations to be used after our session is over to keep the energy shifting and integrating the changes made.

We finish the 2 hour session with a 30 minute follow-up session, allowing us a deeper understanding of the healing process and results, which will continue  in the days and weeks ahead, and discuss any specific issues and emotions which may have come up during the energy healing session. ($160)

Package of three 2-hour sessions: $450

For clients who have experienced three or more two hour sessions, shorter sessions can be made available. These clients may wish to occasionally book a shorter, one hour session for $95, but one hour sessions are not available as a package.

Two Hour Session (Remote)
At the subatomic or quantum level, all is energy. This energy can convert to mass or to information. Quantum physicists first identified this "energy field" which lies at the heart of all existence as an omnipresent energetic substructure. They called it the zero-point field. Understanding and using the zero-point field is the key to facilitating remote energy healing. As such, the same healing can be accomplished with a remote session as with in-person sessions. For remote sessions, I will call you for the initial 30 minute discussion, then I will perform the 60 minute energy healing remotely. When that is concluded I will call you again for the follow-up 30 minute discussion and recommendations. ($160)

Personal Retreats
Some clients welcome the opportunity to access more extensive time to explore personal challenges and support the release of significant energetic blocks to healing. Therefore, I am also available for half-day personal retreats, custom designed with you to accomplish your intention for healing. These three hour sessions can include Five Element Reiki, Vibrational Sound Therapy, guided meditation or meditation training, and deeper intuitive discussion of the work we are doing together. ($450)