In my energy healing sessions, it is often clear to me that a meditation practice would be of great benefit to support the treatment goals we develop. I have had a meditation practice since 2015 and happened to find it very easy to do when I first started out. Meditating also activated significant changes in my life almost right away. While that was great for me, I didn’t feel like I had a good grasp of the structure required to teach my clients how to start or deepen their meditation practice. Therefore, in 2018, I became a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor through training with Sujantra McKeever at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga.

Returning ever again to this one present moment, via the breath in meditation, is an important aspect of your healing and spiritual growth. It is in this present moment that we can access the stillness to hear the subtle voices of our guides and of our Higher Selves. As part of my individual energy healing sessions, I often provide brief meditation training, or even what you may consider to be “alternatives” to what you always thought meditation was. In addition, I am available to lead group meditations and to provide individual meditation training and support. I also host small meditation circles at the Rooted in Spirit healing space. If you are interested in any of these meditation offerings, please contact me.