Animal Reiki

Our pets and animal friends are deeply meaningful parts of our families and lives, and when they are not doing well, we aren’t doing well. Sometimes the healing we wish for them is not necessarily the healing the animal wants to embrace, so often I am led to provide guidance to both the animal and the human client, to help them find their way through transitions together, in mutual respect and love.

Animal Reiki Sessions

Animal energy sessions are usually remote but can in some situations be in-person. Because animals are so energy sensitive, active remote healing sessions are kept to 30 minutes in most cases. Clients have reported noticeable improvement in the comfort levels of the animal after healing sessions with me. I will often be shown meditations or mindful activations of energy the client can use along with the animal for healing and spiritual support of them both, which I will provide following the 30 minute session.  In my experience, the human and pet must treated together, because their energies are so intertwined.

Please contact me to discuss if I can be of assistance and to discuss rates for service.