Soon after my birth (so I was told), I raised my head and looked directly into my mother's eyes. My grandmother told my mom to get ready, she was going to have a strong daughter to raise. That turned out to be true, but not the entire story. I was born with a deep empathic or intuitive “knowing” I now understand as clairsentience, and an ability to see with clear vision what others cannot readily see. How many times did adults ask me "How can you possibly know that?" As a headstrong kid I would think, "How can you possibly NOT know that?" Finally, I began to question myself and that inner knowing faded.

At the age of 18, I experienced a near death experience (NDE). Even now, 40 years later, I remember vividly the experience of being in what I called at the time "the in-between," which I have come to know since as the zero point space or creative void -- a place of all potential, a return to source.

In many cultures, an NDE is seen a time-honored initiation into shamanism, since the experiencer has traveled beyond the veil and returned to this dimension. However, in 1970s Oklahoma, it was simply a scary medical crisis resulting in a happy ending - I lived. But there was no one to really help me understand what my experience had been and why I had experienced it.

Following my calling to become a healer in the best way I knew at the time, I became a nurse and worked in many San Diego area hospitals in all areas of healthcare. My healing work as a nurse drew from my NDE experience, which provided a peace and comfort I relied on to create a space of healing. I continued my education into death and dying, including studying with Buddhist monks and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Along the way I also got a Studio Art degree at University of California, San Diego because I was interested in the ways art could be used as a linguistic tool by terminally ill patients to express their soul's purpose to their communities.

I used to say "once a nurse, always a nurse," because even when I stopped actively working as a bedside nurse, I was nearly always responding to one crisis or another in my circle of friends and family. I assumed this was because of my nursing training. However, a longing for a deeper way to connect and support my community - and the burn-out associated with never having been trained in ways to manage energy - led me to study energy healing.  In my studies I have come to see the reason for the frequent call to respond to others' personal crises wasn't because I was formerly a nurse, it is because I was and always have been a healer.

In 2015 I began my studies of Five Element Reiki and Shamanic Healing with Reiki Master Sara Burns at the Center for Sacred Transformations in San Diego. With Sara's support I was able to move some of my own deeply held beliefs and energetic blocks, built up in this and many other existences, allowing me to finally see the greater meaning behind my life experiences.  In April 2016, I  became an advanced Sacred Transformations® Reiki practitioner. 

I established my practice, Rooted in Spirit, in 2016. Since then, I have studied energy healing, shamanic practices, and the Ascension process with many teachers including Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing with Sandra Ingerman. By combining my ongoing exploration and study with hundreds of hours spent with clients, I continue to expand into a deeper understanding of multidimensionality and our individual soul expressions as part of the Human Collective.

Every session begins by establishing and deepening our connection to Gaia-our roots. As the healing session continues, we move that healing energy from Gaia through our bodies and connect to higher dimensional information and light-our spirits. In this way, your original soul’s intention or blueprint becomes more apparent, allowing a balancing of energies. I can help you in my Rooted in Spirit healing space, or remotely via the quantum field.